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Scholars Preparatory School also offers federal Armenian language, literature, and history courses with a foundation in Eastern Armenian linguistic tradition geared to particularly serve the needs of the growing Armenian community of the Tri-city area (Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena, California). Scholars provides exceptional and challenging academic program, from preschool to high school, to prepare students of diverse academic, social, and national backgrounds for a competitive future. 

The school is located in Los Angeles California where students from every ethnic and national background are welcomed and nurtured to excel both academically and socially.

Mission Statement


Scholars Preparatory School is comprised of an elementary school, a middle school, a high school, a preschool and an art center.

Scholars adheres to the following Expected Schoolwide Learning Results: Be Critical Thinkers and Lifelong Learners; Be Effective Communicators and Reasonable Individuals; Be Responsible Citizens and Valued Leaders; Understand and Appreciate Armenian Language, History, and Culture.

To these ends, Scholars encourages students to respect ideas and their free expression, and strives to educate and bring up students who will adhere the expected schoolwide learning results and become successful individuals. Scholars offers a rich academic environment that matches its expected schoolwide learning results and provides a foundation for bringing up individuals who have high understanding and awareness of life.

School Profile

Scholars Preparatory School is a fully accredited educational institution that meets and far exceeds the minimum state requirements for primary and secondary education.  Its academic curriculum was developed through many years of study and research of various public and private school systems around the world and is aimed to nurture the minds and bodies of its students. 

Scholars incorporates the best practices of both local and international systems, to offer its students the very best instruction in standard subject areas (e.g. English, math, science, social science, etc.) as well as variety of unique subjects that are often only available in institutions of higher learning.  

Students of all ages are exposed to courses such as etiquette and conduct at least once a week to prepare them for life after graduation from Scholars. Additionally, physical education incorporates weekly lessons in dance and martial arts to develop the students’ physical talents along with their core academic courses.

The school also draws from a wealth of community resources to offer its students a myriad of academic opportunities for their future growth and development. Advanced Placement (AP) courses are available and encouraged for all high school students to help prepare them for college. Scholars also participates in Jump Start programs with community colleges to allow its high school students access and early exposure to college level courses not taught by its internal faculty.  

Scholars’ multifaceted curriculum prepares students for both the social as well as the academic challenges of life and college work.

More About Scholars

Scholars provides a challenging, coherent and relevant curriculum for each student that fulfills the school's purpose and results in student achievement of the expected schoolwide learning results through successful completion of any offered course of study.

Students are both encouraged and challenged to meet and exceed state standards, school standards, as well as standards they set for themselves. Students in all grades have therefore consistently received exemplary marks on the SAT 10 annual standardized testing program, both among California schools and other schools in the United States.

Scholars provides a safe, healthy, nurturing environment that reflects the school’s purpose and is characterized by respect for difference of opinion, trust, professionalism, while sustaining an environment that is filled with a strong communal bond, friendship, and most importantly high academic standards.

The school grounds, classrooms, and educational material are appropriate for all grade levels and provide challenging yet appropriate objectives for students to master.

Scholars considers parental involvement to be a key factor in student achievement and success. Therefore, the school leadership employs a wide range of strategies to ensure that parental and community involvement remains integral to the school’s established support system for students. Numerous gatherings, parent-teacher conferences, and other quarterly meetings allow parents to connect with their children and other students and form the necessary communal bond essential for success.